Mary Shelley is a teenage girl on social media

In the abandoned hangar of a young girl’s fantasy, a gang of bloodthirsty fashionistas are figuring out exactly how to assemble the ideal man.

Forget reality shows and Instagram beauties; a young girl’s fantasy becomes the playground for a gang of women set to create the perfect man, one limb at a time.

Dystopia is a short horror movie that moves between the fantasy of a young girl and the fantasies fed to us by social media. In a made up abandoned hangar, a gang of beauty addicts are frantically looking through a collection of limbs. Their mission is to piece together a man that will please Mama Joan, their frankensteinian leader.



Our Story


    “The first time Laura pitched Dystopia was a casual afterthought. She mentioned the idea and then didn’t speak about it again. But it really stuck with me. A couple of years later I introduced her to Anja, whom I know to be a talented writer. When we talked about potential projects it immediately struck me: what about Dystopia? Laura lit up. ” (Maria Galliani Dyrvik, script editor)

  2. First funding

    From the Western Norway Film Commission.


    “Since the beginning, it was clear that Dystopia was an ambitious project, and I knew this was my kinda movie!” (Cathrine, producer).

    and... Action!

    dystopia 2020

    2 days of shooting
    27 cast&crew members
    200 dolls (several harmed in the making)
    1 pandemic
    200 face masks
    2 liter of hand sanitizer
    5 liter of fake blood with a secret recipe
    5 dismembered mannequins

    1 head (Donald Sutherland´s) from 1976 Fellini´s Casanova as production lucky charm


    09 april – World premiere at FANTASPOA

    10 april – American Premiere at PANIC FEST



During the making of DYSTOPIA, the movie production followed the safety plan given by the Norwegian national safety guidelines for COVID-19 for July 2020. No cases of COVID-19 were registered during or after the production.
Stay safe!

Meet us

Laura Ugolini


Laura is an Italian writer and filmmaker based in Oslo. After completing her studies in Cinematic Arts at the University of Rome, she worked as assistant director for several years.
The love for genre movies started at the age of seven when she accidentally watched David Cronenberg’s The fly. Laura aims to tell unexpected stories grounded in absurdism and humor.
Dystopia is her second short movie.

Cathrine Wespestad


Cathrine started her career as a concert and festival producer for the metal music scene in Norway at the age of 16.
After vocational school in Bergen she completed her film studies at AFDA in South Africa, a CILECT approved film school.
In 2017 she was awarded as cultural-entrepreneur and started her own production company Perdurabo Productions the year after.
Cathrine is all about genre films and also works as a junior producer for one of the biggest genre-film companies in Norway.

Anja Skovly Freberg


Anja has a BA in animation from Solent University, UK, and a BA in Film & TV-production from the University of Bergen.
In 2012 she won a script contest judged by the directors Bent Hamer, Anne Sewitsky, Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg. Anja has worked as acopywriter, freelance content writer, translator and illustrator.


Ingrid Werner
Ingrid Werner

as Mama Joan

Valentina Alexeeva

as Vicky

Yajay Jallow

as Peaches

Hanne Mellingten
Hanne Mellingen

as Liz

Sveinung Augestad
Sveinung Augestad

as Chad

Jenny Iversen

as Linnea

Perdurabo productions

Perdurabo Productions is a holistic production company based in Bergen dedicated to producing genre films.

Perdurabo Productions AS
Org: 920 972 772
Hordvikneset 45, 5108 Hordvik

dystopia poster


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